Body feeling like a trash can after indulging at Easter? Learn how to Eat Clean!

There are a million and one different diets, meal plans, meal replacement programs and ideas about how to lose weight, but what about learning to EAT healthy for a good body for life?

Weight loss is not the be all and end all and won’t give you the body shape you crave, a lot of the time it leaves you with a soggy, unfed and untoned body or more than likely it leaves you feeling overwhelmed and you give up within a short time of starting. Even if your goals aren’t to lose weight, to keep a healthy disease free body is easy to do through clean eating!

If you are set on losing weight, creating a healthy body as well as changing your body shape and you want to have a lifestyle that you can keep for life, you must choose to change any negative relationships you may have with food or exercise. Get rid of the negative punishing self talk and comparing yourself to everyone else, has it got you what you wanted in life so far?! No! If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten!

Nutritionist Sunshine Coast Menor

Having a mentor to hold you accountable is the best way to ensure you are sticking to your goals! It is the best and fastest way to achieve the body and life you desire.We all need help and support and we all deserve to feel good about ourselves, with a little encouragement and motivation you can and will be the best version of yourself.

Eating clean is the easiest way to feed your body, build a healthy shape and feel and look better.

You can exercise everyday twice a day until you turn purple but if your nutrition isn’t up to scratch then you’ll be going in hopeless circles.

Eating clean is simply eating from the earth, if its packaged or processed then it is not going to be as good for you as if it has come from the ground.  Finding a balance is most important, eat clean to feel good not to punish yourself, drink water as your main beverage, enjoy daily exercise and strength train weekly, believe in yourself and have one meal off (go by the 80% good – 20% naughty rule).

Plays Clean Eating Meal Plan

7‐8 am Breakfast
Fresh juice – 3 carrots, 3 green apples, 1 beetroot, 1 slice ginger and 1/2 lemon.
1‐2 eggs, mushrooms, spinach and tomato OR rolled oats with flaxseed meal and berries.

10 am Midmorning snack
1 piece of fruit with 10 almonds

12 am Lunch
Chicken or turkey with brown rice and leafy greens.

3 pm Midafternoon snack
Tuna with Sweet potato, pumpkin and salad

6‐7 pm Dinner
Fish, Chicken or red meat with vegetables

9 pm Optional
Protein shake and walnuts

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